Taste Organic India
 Solar Vegetarian Cooking Course

Raven’s Nest, where we are located, is surrounded by fields of beets, cabbage, carrots, leafy vegetables, potatoes, squash and of course tea. For a few years we too grew vegetables the inorganic way, until we realized how it was hurting our health and leaching the soil of its nutrients. So we turned our field into an organic one and were delighted with the taste of chemical free vegetables on our plate. Of course we can’t depend on the seasonal vegetables from our garden to feed us year round, so we source the rest of the vegetables and ingredients from organic food producers in the Nilgiris, some of whom you will visit.   


Nimmi John:

Nimmi John a clinical nutritionist spent 30 years inculcating sensible eating habits in her clients, only to find that the food available was unhealthy and full of the chemical toxins used in agriculture. Born and raised in The Nilgiri hills, she returned home after years of treading the city path. It was natural for her to combine her training with organic farming skills to make safe food available to people. She now heads The Earth Trust, an NGO that helps recreate living soils in the Nilgiris.

Nimmi John

Anita Mathais:

Our go-to girl is from Coonoor, loves meeting people, trekking, reading and animals, especially dogs. Excited about working on this interesting venture and introducing The Nilgiris to people from far and wide.

Anita Mathais

Anita Nanjappa:

Our tour guide who rattles of historical facts and Nilgiri trivia effortless and endlessly. If you don’t watch out you may find your two hour heritage walk extended to a whole day one.

Anita Nanjappa

Vidya Srinivas:

A journalist, who survived cancer and now teaches journalism, was inspired to eat more organically grown foods after attending a course conducted by Organic Tuscany in Italy. She then decided to combine her passion for cooking and teaching skills and run a cooking class.

Vidya Srinivas

Indian Express Report:  

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